New York Aggravated Vehicular Manslaughter

Driving while intoxicated is inherently dangerous because intoxication impairs a motorist’s ability to drive safely and properly. Intoxicated driving places the driver, his or her passengers, and others at risk. Unfortunately, intoxicated or impaired driving can lead to a motor vehicle accident. Tragically, some of these accidents can turn deadly. When a driver’s intoxication causes the death of another person, the driver can face charges of Vehicular Manslaughter in the Second Degree. That charge can be elevated to Aggravated Vehicular Manslaughter in certain circumstances.

Vehicular Manslaughter in the Second Degree applies to intoxicated drivers who cause the death of another.  In New York, there is a legal presumption that the death was caused by the intoxication of the driver.   Other negligent driver need not be proved by the prosecutor.  This charge is a Class “D” felony and upon conviction can result in criminal penalties including: up to seven years in state prison; five years of probation; loss of driver’s license for at least 1 year, installation and maintenance of an Ignition Interlock Device (IID) for at least 1 year, and fines ranging from $2,000 to $10,000.

What Is Aggravated Vehicular Manslaughter?

The charge of Aggravated Vehicular Manslaughter means that a motorist was guilty of reckless driving and Vehicular Manslaughter in the Second Degree as defined above. Additionally, the motorist must have at least one of the following:

  • BAC of 0.18% or above;
  • A suspension for an alcohol related offense in New York or any other jurisdiction;
  • A conviction of an alcohol related offense within the past 10 years;
  • Has a conviction for Vehicular Assault, Vehicular Manslaughter, or Vehicular Homicide in New York or any other jurisdiction;
  • Causes the death of more than one person;
  • Causes the death of one person and the serious physical injury of at least one other person; and
  • Commits the Vehicular Manslaughter with a child under the age of 16 years in the vehicle as a passenger, and causes the death of the child passenger.

Under these circumstances, a driver can be charged with Aggravated Vehicular Manslaughter. Conviction of this felony charge can lead to tough criminal penalties for the offender

What Are the Penalties?

If a driver is convicted of this offense, he or she will face significant and severe criminal penalties.  Aggravated Vehicular Manslaughter is a Class “B” felony in New York. Drivers convicted under this charge could face up to 25 years in state prison.

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