A nightmarish scene unfolded in New York on the morning of June 19, 2013, and neighbors won’t likely soon forget it. The Examiner reports that several people were injured at the intersection of Second Avenue and Fourth Street in New York City’s East Village, when a white Nissan Altima careened toward a curb, taking down everything in its path and wreaking carnage on pedestrians and shop workers. The driver of the vehicle is now facing DWI charges in connection with the horrific accident.

The driver of the Nissan Altima, identified as 32-year-old Sean Martin of Queens, was allegedly racing another vehicle down the streets when the vehicle jumped the curb and struck several people on foot, several trees, a light pole, and a fire hydrant. The fire hydrant allegedly flew into the air and struck a bicyclist who was passing by, knocking him off of his bicycle and injuring him. The two pedestrians injured in the crash, and the bicyclist, were transported to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. A flower shop worker was not so fortunate, and remains hospitalized with serious injuries. The New York Daily News reports that Mr. Martin was traveling with a passenger, who was released from the hospital with minor injuries, but was dressed for a night out on the town.

Mr. Martin allegedly had hashish in his sock at the hospital, where he refused to submit to a breathalyzer examination. He was then arrested for violating DWI laws. According to reports, Mr. Martin has previous DWI convictions on his record, as well as drug possession charges for cocaine. The car that was racing against Mr. Martin allegedly sped away from the scene of the accident.

Mr. Martin now faces DWI charges, and it will likely be an uphill battle. Under New York law, drivers are presumed to consent to being tested for alcohol or drugs in their systems, and refusing to submit to a blood alcohol content exam is an offense on its own. For the first refusal, a driver can be charged a $500 civil penalty and may have his or her licensed revoked for up to one year. For a second offense within 5 years, a driver may be assessed a $750 penalty and may have his or her license revoked for more than 18 months. There are also expensive assessment fines associated with a chemical test refusal penalty. Additionally, as in the case of Mr. Martin, multiple DWI convictions are taken very seriously in New York State, and may dramatically increase fines, penalties, or jail time for DWI convictions.

Drinking and driving can lead to horrific accidents, loss of life, and severe strain on a person’s personal life, career and financial situation. If you have been charged with violating DWI laws, your first response should be to contact an experienced DWI attorney. A DWI attorney can help you understand the charges you face and can defend your case in court and to the prosecuting office. Call the experienced attorneys at Nave DWI Defense Attorneys today at 1-866-792-7800 for a confidential consultation.

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