Late night cravings, or early morning munchies, may lead to more than just heartburn and stomach aches. This is especially true when drivers make the mistake of driving to their favorite fast food joints when they are drunk or under the influence of drugs. While french fries and tacos may seem like a great idea after a long night out, they may just be the fastest ticket to DWI charges.

Two stories of fast food follies involving the violation of DWI laws come from drastically different parts of the country this week. First, the Murfreesboro Post, out of Tennessee, reports on an incident that occurred at a local McDonald’s restaurant. On Friday morning, a young Murfreesboro woman decided to visit the McDonald’s restaurant, opting to go inside to order. Sylvia Whittaker, age 24, was later spotted exiting the McDonald’s in a less than sober state; she allegedly stumbled out of the doors, and appeared to be intoxicated. Police officers were dispatched to the McDonald’s, and immediately noticed that there was a black car parked crooked in the parking lot, with the driver slumped over in the driver’s seat. Police officers woke Ms. Whittaker from her sleep in the car, and asked her to exit the car. The spot in which Ms. Whittaker had decided to park was noticeably a spot reserved for handicapped designated vehicles, and officers notified her of this. Ms. Whittaker attempted to take field sobriety tests administered by officers, but could not finish them. Ms. Whittaker was arrested and taken to a detention center. She refused to take blood alcohol tests, and is now scheduled for a preliminary hearing in September.

The second story comes from Michigan, and is reported by The actual incident appears to have occurred a while ago, on Valentine’s Day. However, never before seen footage has emerged documenting the incident, and the dangerous conduct is worth learning about. On Valentine’s Day, Robert Addie decided to visit a local Burger King restaurant, choosing to go through the drive-thru to get his meal. Mr. Addie proceeded to cause trouble in the drive-thru, prompting police officers to direct him away from the area to talk to officers. However, instead of heeding officer’s orders, Mr. Addie decided to hit his gas pedal and hit a police lieutenant at the scene. Police apprehended Mr. Addie and determined that he was drunk. Mr. Addie’s blood alcohol content was later shown to be .25%, which is over three times the legal limit. Luckily the police officer was not severely harmed. As for Mr. Addie, he pleaded guilty to DWI charges and resisting arrest.

DWI laws don’t stop at fast food parking lots, and drunk drivers may face DWI charges, even in a drive-thru. If you have been charged with violating DWI laws, you should immediately contact an experienced DWI attorney.

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