On July 31st, mother of 4 and Navy veteran Julie Cunningham, was jailed when she hit a curb and crashed her vehicle into a fire hydrant after dropping her kids off at daycare. Frisco police took Cunningham into custody on suspicion of driving under the influence where she spent the night in jail.

The next day, Cunningham’s brother and his wife picked her up and noticed something wasn’t right. Her speech was slurred and she could hardly move. They took her to the UT Southwestern Medical Center, and is now recovering from having to undergo brain surgery, after a test revealed a non cancerous lemon sized tumor.

“It’s an interesting way to find out about a brain tumor,” says her mother, Lynda Halvorson.

“My daughter is not a drinker, she doesn’t take any medication, so that was so out of character for her that we knew instantly that couldn’t be what it was.” Frisco Police Department have confirmed Cunningham past a blood test and blew a 0.0 when given a Breathalyzer.

Cunningham’s mother, Lynda Halvorson, says her daughter doesn’t remember the accident, or spending any time in jail. Halvorson says. “It’s one piece of trauma she doesn’t need to be thinking about.”

Cunningham enlisted in the Navy in 2001 and served six years in Naval Intelligence. She now raises her four kids in Frisco, and it’s why her mother describes her as a “fighter.” No DUI case has been filed with the District Attorney’s office, and the department is investigating why Cunningham was not given proper treatment once revealed she past her chemical blood test.

For more on Julie’s story, click here. A GoFundMe account has also been set up to help Julie Cunningham and her four children.