If you have had either a DUI arrest or conviction then you understand the legal impact to your life that a DUI can bring. Your license is suspended, you receive fines, and other penalties that can include even jail. Even if jail is not included in the punitive measures imposed, a DUI conviction can be extremely limiting on one’s lifestyle if you require a vehicle to get to and from work. A Texas law firm looked at this in a recent post.

Even if your license is returned in a full or limited manner, finding an insurer to cover you can be complicated. Furthermore, from a social or financial perspective, it can also be difficult to overcome the stigma that is so often associated with a DUI. People think less of those who were caught driving under the influence and may feel uncomfortable working with you in some capacity.

In a related news story in New York, a local DPW superintendent was charged with DWI around election season and now faces some backlash from the local community.

Negative Publicity

A great article recently talked about what a small business owner can do after a DUI charge. Anytime someone has a criminal conviction it will be delivered to local papers, something not particularly reasonable these days where it feels like almost everything is against the law. Be that as it may, news media and the local papers have certainly contributed to the social shaming that goes hand in hand with a conviction of any type. Your small business might certainly be impacted by a DUI, especially if you live in a smaller community or area of a city with its own local newspaper. The shame of having a “vice” related offense is palpable, but there ways around it or to mitigate the damage.

Donate to MADD or other DUI related organization

While it doesn’t change your criminal case, it can go far to show your customers that you understand what you did wrong and will work to not only drive drunk in the future, but also help to prevent others from doing so, as well.

Write a letter to the editor of your paper

Apologies, especially unsolicited ones, work to demonstrate a contrite heart and commitment to sobriety and safe driving.

Be a designated driver or donate to a “safe driver” program in your community

Most humans believe that repentance is good, but atonement is better. By helping others who were once in your same shoes you show that you have matured as a person from your earlier decisions.

These are certainly tips to consider if you have already been charged. Better still to avoid a conviction. If you have been arrested and charged with a DUI, work with a reliable attorney who can help you avoid a conviction in the first place—or at the very least, reduce the charges in a plea.

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