A woman was charged with driving under the influence of alcohol after she crashed her car while driving on the South Side of Chicago. A nine year old child, who was in the car, was thrown head first into the windshield of the vehicle.

The accident occurred while the woman was driving on East 83rd and South Jeffery. She had allegedly bent over removing her eyes from the road to reach for a bottle of alcohol that she had dropped on the floor.

The Chicago Police Department, who is handling the case, has charged the mother with aggravated DUI along with driving while not wearing a seatbelt.

There are still no details regarding the extent of the child’s injuries.

Even though the mother is the one who caused the accident that does not prevent the child, who is a minor, from filing an injury claim against her own mother and her mother’s auto insurance company. The ability for the child to pursue a claim will be dependent on whether or not the mother had valid auto insurance at the time of the accident.

A similar case is currently being pursued by lawyers at a personal injury and wrongful death firm. In this case the lawyers represent a father who lost his two daughters in an auto accident. The girls were killed while driving with their mother. While driving she crossed the center line and struck another vehicle head on with her minivan.

Even though the mother’s actions are what caused the accident the children’s estates are still entitled to recover damages against the mother’s estate and her insurance company. Lawyers at the firm fully expect to be able to collect the maximum amount for the children’s estate from the mother’s insurance company.

A similar case will also be built for the child who was injured after his mother crashed her car while reaching for a bottle of alcohol.

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