Memphis city Council Woman Janis Fullilove was caught driving, despite the fact that she has a revoked license. Fullilove was making deliveries for the “Meals on Wheels” program.

As a photographer was taking her picture as evidence, she claimed “I’m going to deliver these meals on wheels man”, as she jumped into her car.

In February of this year, her Tennessee driver’s license was revoked after she pleaded guilty to driving intoxicated in Tunica County, MS. In addition, she was also convicted of driver under the influence of medication in DeSoto County, MS in June of 2008. In this incident, she was photographed slumped over the wheel of a car outside a casino in Tunica. In October of 2008, Fullilove was pulled over at Highway 61 and Casino Parkway for reckless driving and suspicion of driving under the influence. In response, Fullilove claimed she completed a 30-day in house rehab program in Shelby County. Fullilove was also brought to court for charges that she applied for a duplicate driver’s license in Tennessee, after a DeSoto County Sheriff’s deputy too her license in March of 2008.

Fullilove’s husband claims, “I don’t know if she was driving yesterday or not. I don’t care what you have on her. We’re taking care of business.”

According to the Tennessee Department of Safety, Fullilove isn’t even eligible for a restricted license, which would allow her to driver to work, until February 2011.

The media is waiting to hear what Councilwoman Fullilove will be faced with as she is being charged with driving on a revoked license. The Shelby County District Attorney’s office sent this statement: “The DA’s office is not an investigative agency. However, we have been in contact with the Tennessee Department of Safety regarding the allegation that Ms. Fullilove was driving a vehicle.”

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