Vincent Canzani was on his way home on the night of June 22, 2013 when drunk driver Matthew Cordle crossed over a median, striking Conzani and another vehicle, ultimately taking Canzani’s life. On the anniversary of his death Conzani’s daughter Angela Canzani is honoring her father by offering random strangers a free ride home after a night out and who were too intoxicated to drive.

Angela decided the best way to honor her father’s memory was to hold a sign outside of a bar that said: “Hi my name is Angela. If you have been DRINKING tonight, I’d like to offer you a free ride home, two years ago this week, a man was drinking and driving and killed my father. In honor of his memory, I’d like to help keep the roads safe tonight.”

Angela and Alex Sheen from the group Because I said I would who mainly focuses its efforts simply on the betterment of the world, ultimately drove five people home that night who decided to make the right choice and get a ride home. Angela’s goal is to have people think twice about their actions while under the influence of alcohol and make a commitment to stay off the roads if they had been drinking, simply because they said they would.

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