Types of Accidents and Injuries in DUI Cases

In the United States, 40% of car-related injuries are caused by alcohol consumption. The most common types of drunk driving accidents are the result of intoxicated drivers falling asleep at the wheel. These accidents are often fatal for the intoxicated driver and oftentimes, for other drivers as well.

If an individual falls asleep while driving, any number of things can happen. If his or her foot is resting on the gas pedal, speed may increase. Control of steering is lost, causing the sleeping driver to swerve into other lanes, often directly in front of oncoming traffic.

Drunk drivers are likely to hit the car in front of them because they are unable to correctly perceive the distance between their own vehicle and someone else’s. They may hit cars that are traveling alongside them for the same reason and/or because it is difficult for drunk drivers to stay in one lane or to follow a direct path.

The inability to see and/or correctly interpret traffic signs causes many drunk driving accidents. The most common road sign related accident occurs when a drunk driver does not yield when he or she is supposed to and drives in the way of oncoming traffic.

Drunk drivers are also notorious for driving in the opposite direction of the traffic flow because they turn into highway exits or don’t see “one-way” signs.

It is not uncommon for drunk drivers to get into accidents that do not involve other cars. Some drivers tend to think it is okay to drive while intoxicated as long as it is on roads that are unpopulated because the risk of running into another car is diminished. However, there are a number of instances in which drunk drivers have had severe car accidents involving trees, power lines, ditches, or even houses.