Louisville Metro Corrections has suspended a former breath test operator for allegations that she lied on a report and in a testimony under oath.

Louisville Metro Police began conducting an internal investigation when a report came in on a drunken-driving case against Andre Stubbins, who was charged Oct. 31 for a DUI and where he nearly struck a law enforcement vehicle, according to the citation.

Liliana Hernandez falsely claimed on a form and in court that Stubbins refused to take a breath test, which resulted in his license being automatically suspended. A video recording from Louisville Metro Corrections proves that to be false, and that he wanted to take the test.

According to the video that recorded the exam, Hernandez told Stubbins she was going to indicate he was refusing the test, he said, “Absolutely not, I’m not refusing,” Instead, she wrote down that he replied, “Fine.”

On June 21, in Jefferson District Court, Stubbins’ lawyer, Paul Gold, asked Hernandez if she had been truthful in her report when she wrote in it that Stubbins had refused the test. She said she had been, but after she was shown a recording of what took place, Hernandez retracted her claim and admitted she had lied in the report and in her testimony.

Mark Bolton, the director of Louisville Metro Corrections, said Friday that Hernandez is a witness in more than 200 DUI cases, and an investigation is ongoing.

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