If you’re going through a child custody or family law case, facing a DUI conviction at the same time can make your situation even worse. You could lose partial or complete custody of your child because of one bad mistake.

We’ve asked Vanessa Vasquez de Lara, Esq., the founder and owner of Vasquez de Lara Law Group in Miami, to share some of her insight on this topic.

In a family custody case where a drinking under the influence charge is involved, it’s not unusual for the other parent to try to get sole parental responsibility of the child(ren) and supervised time sharing during the case.

If the parent with minority time sharing has a current drinking under the influence charge, this can also result in the judge becoming more likely to grant sole parental responsibility to the parent with majority time sharing. This is especially if the parent with the DUI charge or conviction, is lacking transportation because of a suspended license.

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