On this new, fantastic website readers can observe the DUI concentration in their states and local areas. The site, duimap.org offers a heat map that specifically displays concentrations of fatal Drunk Driving accidents. The clusters of dots therefore highlight the DUI fatalities of the most dangerous areas were drunken driving accidents occur. Each individual icon on the map represents the location of a DUI motor vehicle crash that resulted in one or multiple fatalities. If you pick a specific bubble and double click, it will highlight information about the specific initial accident. This information includes road name, deaths in the accident, number of drunk drivers in the accident, date and time, hit and run status, lanes, and the number of people involved. The color of the icon also represents the number of additional DUI motor vehicle crashes within one mile.

“According to the CDC, 36 people die every day due to drunk drivers. The national annual cost of alcohol-related crashes totals more than $51 billion. The drinking and driving fatality data is obtained from the National Traffic Safety Administration (NHSTA).”

Maps such as this further provide readers with useful information and also encourage drivers to be more vigilant in particular areas. Although his may be important to recognize, we must not lose sight of the constant alertness we must maintain at all times when driving. Whether it is in a heavily urbanized area, or on a quiet country road, it only takes a split second and an inattentive driver to encounter a motor vehicle being operated by an intoxicated driver. Many accidents may be prevented if drivers are fully alert and aware of others on the road. DUI Accidents cannot only affect the lives of those involved, but also family and friends. The experience can be devastating to many.

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