A young, 24-year-old is being convicted of driving under the influence and seriously injuring one of the passengers in his vehicle, when the vehicle went off the west side of the road and rolled over. Cutler was not injured in the accident. He was found to be under the influence of alcohol and subsequently processed for DUI.

Cutler was sentenced at a hearing in a Vermont District court in Barre on Monday, approximately one year after the one-car accident at the intersection of Towne Hill Road and Route 2 in East Montpelier.  Cutler was issued a citation for DUI and is scheduled to appear in Washington County Superior Court – Criminal Division on and will spend thirty days in prison after pleading guilty to these charges.

According to a victim impact statement issued by the court, the accident left a 27-year-old woman with three broken bones in her spine, two in her neck, a broken breastbone, and a broken collarbone with scars covering her body. She was visiting from Virginia when the accident occurred and lives there currently. She is asking for $105, 227 in restitution fees to pay for her medical bills, lost wages and other losses. The outcome of this will be decided in a separate restitution hearing. The victim was not at the hearing but supplied a written statement to her current condition:

“This has affected me in so many ways: I am in a brace day to day…I do not sleep through the night as I cannot get comfortable, I have headaches every day…”

In addition she said she hast lost her job and unable to find a replacement due to her injuries. She also wrote a long list of the many ways her life has changed, including walking her dog and paying her bills.

The offender was also convicted of drinking and driving in 2006. He had been driving his Saab early in the morning on June 7th of last year. He drove through an intersection on Route 2 and send another car into the river. Many others were injured and the offender’s BAC measured .113. His full sentence was one to five years but the bulk was suspended and reduced to a 30-day jail sentence and 30 days of work crew.

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