Today, March 3, 2009, a serious DUI related hit and run motor vehicle crashed at approximately 7:50 a.m. The first responder was OFC Hanner with the Frederick Police Departments Patrol Division. The personal injury motor vehicle accident was attended to on the 400th block of Carrollton Drive. OFC Hannger discovered Ms. Candy Sue Mercer laying behind the wheel of an Oldsmobile mini-van. She was very dazed and out of it because she claimed she had just been struck while parked in a designated parking lot.

As the attending officer was investigating the accident, many reports began to pile into the police station. The Frederick Police Communications department reported additional reports relating to other hit and run accidents involving an Oldsmobile mini-van similar to the one Ms. Mercer was operating.

After further investigation into the additional reports in the Carrollton Drive area, there was plenty of evidence pointing to the fact that Ms. Mercer was also involved in the four other hit and run accidents in addition to the original crash under investigation by OFC Hannger.

The accused and deliberated Ms. Mercer was taken to Washington County General Hospital. According to reports, her diminished mental capacity was due to her body being under the influence of alcohol in combination with many other prescription drugs, for which she did not own a prescription. The final reports determined that Ms. Mercer only struck parked vehicles, sign poles, and light poles in the Carrolton Driver and outer respective areas. Fortunately, there were no other persons or animals involved nor injured. Ms. Mercer was served with numerous citations and she remained at Washington County General Hospital for observation. She is most likely to receive severe punishments for driving while intoxicated, reckless driving, and possession/use of prescription medications.

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