According to officials, an intoxicated man stole a school bus to tow car. This particular intoxicated White Bluff man stole a school bus to pull his own car out of a ditch that he had crashed into, officials said.

The Dickson County Sheriff’s Office deputies responded Thursday to reports of a possibly intoxicated man involved in an accident along Petty Road in White Bluff.  The driver, was 31 year old, Nicholas Hardin Creech, of 1040 Nosegay Road, according to the sheriff’s office report. While the officials were on their way to the scene, the deputies were advised a subject had boarded an unoccupied school bus parked at a residence, according to the report.

Creech currently remains in jail for a bond of $60,000. He was immediately arrested at the scene for driving under the influence and resisting arrest, among other charges, after a brief struggle with deputies, according to the report.

According to witness reports, Creech pleaded them to pull his car out of the ditch. Upon refusal, he then took to his own means and took over a bus from a nearby residence. The officer also noted Creech had a “small laceration on his forehead.” Witnesses said he fell out of the back of the bus.

Transportation director for Dickson County Schools, Jesse Roberts, said the suspect allegedly pulled his car out of the ditch with the bus. He then returned it. According to Roberts, the school bus back door can’t be locked due to safety issues.

“The driver left the keys in the bus when he shouldn’t have,” Roberts said.
Creech was charged with driving under the influence (second offense), violation of implied consent, felony theft, filing a false report, assault on an officer, resisting arrest and vandalism to county property.

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