Recently, a guilty plea was filed for an accident that occurred last summer. In the original accident, a red Ford Explorer being driven by intoxicated driver, Fredy Alvardo-Gonzalez rolled over several times, throwing a passenger before it, before crashing into a house on Hemlock Avenue.

When authorities arrived to the scene, witnesses said, Fredy Alvarado-Gonzales was crying and yelling, “I killed my baby. Please help my baby.”

Fredy was referring to his brother, Selim A. Alvarado-Gonzales, 22, the passenger who was crushed last summer when the Explorer landed on top of him, according to documents submitted in Circuit Court on Tuesday. Alvarado-Gonzales pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter.

Originally, Alvarado-Gonzales denied that he had been driving, according to a summary of evidence in the case. The following morning, he confessed to driving and said he did not admit the facts originally because he was scared. He admitted to having two beers about two hours before the wreck and to drinking three beers at a barbecue earlier in the day.

Key witnesses report Alvarado-Gonzales and his brother had been at a convenience store purchasing beer about 10 minutes before the crash. The hospital also reports that his blood-alcohol content was about 0.18, or more than twice the legal limit considered evidence to impairment.

The plea agreement says that Alvarado-Gonzales must serve six months in jail, with an additional four years and six months of time suspended. While awaiting trial, he as served this sentence. He has served that time while awaiting trial, but Commonwealth’s Attorney’s spokeswoman Amanda Howie said he must remain incarcerated pending federal action on immigration issues.

Cori W. Bassett, a spokeswoman for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, said she was checking on the status of Alvarado-Gonzales on Tuesday afternoon. This may be in connection to a 2007 incident. In that case, illegal immigrant Alfredo Ramos was ordered to serve 24 years in prison and then be deported for a drunken driving crash that killed two teenage girls in Virginia Beach that year. This incident among others has lead to a large movement for immigration reformation.

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