Onlookers in Livonia’s 16th District court broke down into tears Thursday afternoon. A young boy who lost his father in a fatal car accident and the mother of the teenager who allegedly is responsible for the crash were seen sobbing.

Stevenson High School student Daniel Andreassi, 16, now faces a second degree murder charge in addition to numerous other charges related to the death of Anthony Cosenza, 20. The judge said Andreassi will be tried as an adult and demanded that he be kept at Wayne County Juvenile Detention Authority without bond until Tuesday, July 1 at a minimum. Andreassi’s lawyer entered a not guilty plea in his absence.

Andreassi is also charged with manslaughter with a motor vehicle, operating while intoxicated causing death, operating while intoxicated causing serious injury, felonious driving, and minor in possession. If convicted on the murder charge, he will be imprisoned as an adult. In the event Andreassi is proven guilty of one of the minor offenses, the judge will have the final say in regards to whether Andreassi is sentenced as an adult or minor.

The prosecution is asking that Andreassi, who will turn 17 in early 2009, be viewed as an adult over the course of the trial. Livonia Police allegedly discovered beer cans inside the car Andreassi was driving at the scene of the accident. Further investigation uncovered that Andreassi had attended a party where he consumed alcohol earlier in the evening. THC, the active ingredient found in marijuana, was revealed in a blood test along with alcohol at the time of the crash.

Andreassi had only been approved a level-2 graduated license, which prohibits driving after midnight. However, this collision occurred at 12:35 a.m. on a Sunday morning as Cosenza and his fiancée, Amy Adams, were departing from the bar they both worked at. Consenza would die on-site. Adams, who escaped death with some broken bones and internal injuries, said she was happy to hear Andreassi would be charged as an adult. She believes that when Andreassi chose to drive 109 mph with a blood alcohol level of .08%, he was making an adult decision, so he deserves to be charged as an adult as payback.

Adams is currently recuperating at her mother’s house, but she still does not have full use of her arms; she is unable to play with her kids or return to work.