According to authorities, a Sussex County man was driving under the influence and crashed into a disabled car-severely injuring a mother and her ten-year-old son. This man is facing many charges, including aggravated assault with a motor vehicle.

The accused is thirty-six-year-old John Vesota, of Vernon. On Sunday evening he was heading northbound on Route 202, shortly before the 12:00pm hour. While driving he sideswiped a telephone pole with the side mirror of his 2008 Jeep and lost control near the Boonton border, according to Montville Lt. David Peterson. In losing control Vesota veered across the road and scaled the curb which caused the vehicle to strike a 2006 BMW X3 which was parked along the raod with a flat tire in front of Poor Henry’s restaurant. Inside the vehicle at the time of the crash was 42-year-old Valerie Murro-Rose and her 10-year-old son. The two were waiting for assistance when the Jeep hit the care head-on. “She had been waiting about five to ten mintues for her husband to come (change the tire),” according to Peterson. She was in the driver seat when the crash occurred on the southbound side.

The intense impact caused the Jeep to flip and land on its side tires in the middle of the road. The BMW was pushed all of the way into the building next to the restaurant, the Montville Florist. The front steps were completely demolished in the crash, but the main structure of the building was not compromised. Murro-Rose miraculously survived, but with severe injures. Her son also suffered injuries, and many cuts and bruises. Both were taken to the Morristown Memorial Hospital to be treated for their injures and were released later in the day.

John Vesota was charged with driving while intoxicated, possession of alcohol in a motor vehicle, possession of CDS in a motor vehicle, reckless driving, careless driving, failure to maintain lane, driving on a sidewalk and creating the risk of an accident, police said.

Additionally, Vesota was also criminally charged with possession of a hypodermic needle, third-degree possession of CDS and third-degree aggravated assault with a motor vehicle. His bail was posted at $50,000.