We’re always talking about how there are so many ways to stay connected these days and now a recently launched app called Duey Dialer is helping people stay connected with their attorney. It’s designed to help those who have had a few too much to drink, and get in touch with their lawyers immediately after being pulled over.

So how does it work? Did you get pulled over for drinking and driving? Or pull up to a DUI checkpoint? Tap the red button on your phone, from there the app does the rest…it records audio of your police encounter.  It’s designed to immediately connect you with an attorney, it sends your location and that recording to that attorney. After 45 minutes of no app activity, the app assumes your phone has been confiscated and sends the recording via text and email automatically and allows them to have the information they need to get started on your case right away.

Police say the Duey Driver app won’t keep them from doing their job and it won’t keep you from getting a DUI but they welcome you to use it. Developer Daniel Delgado says, “They don’t encourage drinking and driving, but are providing a service at the exact moment you need it”

Duey Dialer is free and is currently only available to Android phone users, in the event that you do run into a DUI situation everyone is entitled to legal representation, so if you’re an iPhone user in New York State, contact the attorneys at Nave DWI Defense Attorneys 1-866-792-7800 24 hours a day.

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