In Louden, Tennessee, Police discovered and then arrested a school bus driver passed out behind the wheel of a loaded bus of children which was halted in the middle of a road. The Loudon County Emergency Management Agency noticed the bus stopped for an extended time around 8 a.m., and then proceeded to alert local police.

“It felt like we were stuck in a tornado, just going side to side, tipping over, rocking back and forth and everything,” according to fifth grader Dylan Elkins. At one point, the bus stopped and Dylan and a few others decided to hop off and head up the road for home.

Fortunately, none of the thirty children seated on the bus were harmed this past Tuesday morning while the driver was operating the bus under the influence. There were eighteen high school students, and additional children were of middle school age and younger.

Police Chief James Webb stated Vicky Lynn Kwasny received a BAC test but the results were not immediately available on the scene. Tennessee’s Bureau of Investigation has the sample of Kwasny’s blood and will be testing it to determine what drugs, if any were in her system. Kwasny was transported to the hospital, and then to the local jail, where she remains in custody, without record of retaining an attorney. Kwasny has been charged with DUI by alcohol and/or drugs and child reckless endangerment.

“I’ve been a police officer here for 26 years and I can never remember anything like this in Loudon,” Police Chief James Webb said.

Wayne Honeycutt, director of schools, claims the 48-year-old woman has been working there for almost a year and holds a clean driving record. She had also passed a background check as well as two drug screenings.