Whitney Beall, a 23 year old from Lakeland Florida is lucky to be alive after she was caught live streaming on the app, Periscope, showing her disturbing drunken driving abilities after a late night of partying. But, the night landed the 23 year old Beall, in jail.

As her camera rolled and people from all over the world watched in horror, Beall turns the camera on herself broadcasting live using the app Periscope to show off her heavy partying late Friday night. When she began heading home, she got lost going the opposite direction. Telling her followers she was driving drunk and didn’t know where she was; “I’m driving home drunk, let’s see if I get a DUI.”

“Driving drunk is not cool,” she said, as drivers honk behind her.

Beall then proceeded to narrate her drunken drive home. Two of the viewers of this reckless behavior dialed 911 and not only reported it, but explained they were watching her live on Periscope. Once police downloaded the app they were able to view Beall’s live broadcast, where they noticed landmarks in the background of her video and were able to help them find her within 20 minutes after the 911 call.

She had broadcasted multiple videos throughout the night, but they finally came to a stop once police pulled up behind her.

Lakeland Police Sgt. Gary Gross said Beall failed a sobriety test and she was obviously drunk because of her slurred speech, glossy eyes, and her disorientation of where she actually was. But on her videos, with titles like “Drunk Girl Driving,” Beall made it clear and easy for police to know she was drunk.

“Within minutes, we found her driving with a flat front tire, she had hit the curb and it was just obvious from that she was intoxicated,” Sgt. Gary Gross said.  “She went through the field sobriety tests, which she failed and went to jail,” he added. “It’s surprising she did not hurt herself or anyone else through the drunken ride.”

Since first reporting on this story of the Periscope girl, 24 year old Bell pleaded no contest to driving under the influence.  Bell received six months of license suspension, 10 days of vehicle impound, and 12 months of probation, all of which are common for first time DUI offenders.  But, prosecutors wanted to be sure she was was being properly punished.  Because she was endangering the community and flaunting her actions,  Bell also received 150 hours of community service, and 10 days of weekend work release.

For more on her sentence, click here.

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