This Tuesday, ex-police sergeant Eric Anthony Krawczyk was received a severe sentence after being found guilty for driving while excessively drunk on the night of April 20th. He crashed into two cars and a tree.

The entirety of his sentence included five days in jail, twelve months probation, court costs and fines totaling $1,600, required attendance to a Mothers Against Drunk Driving victim impact panel hearing, and being banned from taking any alcohol or illegal drugs for twelve months. He is also subject to random alcohol and drug screening.

Krawczyk was a eighteen and a half year veteran of the police force, and was on medical leave when the car accident occurred. When he was initially charged, he was suspended without pay. He was later fired when he pleaded no contest to the accusations. As if driving with a high blood-alcohol content wasn’t bad enough, he also pleaded no contest to leaving the scene of the accident and driving without auto insurance.

The police report states that his blood-alcohol content was at .265 percent, which is over triple the state’s drunk driving limit of .08 percent. It also passed the state’s new limit of “super drunk”, which is .17 percent. Drivers who get behind the wheel with a blood-alcohol content past this face even harsher penalties than those past .08 percent.

The man could have been sentenced to up to six months in prison, so it is a little surprising that he got away with only five days. If he hurt someone severely, he potentially could have been sued by the victim and their personal injury attorney. His attorney pleaded that the judge take into account his eighteen and a half years of service to the force. The judge stated that it appeared out of character for Krawczyk, who had an upstanding record with the department. He was named department officer of the year in 2003 for his work with the Drug Enforcement Administration. Additionally, he was given an outstanding service award for supervisors from the Exchange Club of Dearborn.

He was arrested at 12:30 a.m. on April 20th after hitting two cars and a tree with his 2012 Ford Taurus. Sobriety tests were not administered as Krawczyk could barely walk or stand. He was then taken to Oakwood Hospital where blood was drawn.