Shari Robertson, a Police Sergeant, was arrested during Ohio drunk driving patrols. Robertson was charged with driving under the influence in Mansfield, Ohio. Shari was stopped for a traffic infraction during a three-day saturation patrol targeting drunk drivers on the roads.

Ohio Highway Patrol Officers witnessed the Police Sergeant driving erratically and then struck a curb with her front right tire while making a wide left turn. The officers began to pursue the vehicle, while the intoxicated officer continued to drive and crossed the center line and almost hit an oncoming vehicle. When the Patrol Officers turned on the siren, Robertson drove off of the road and almost struck a utility pole. According to official police reports, she was texting on her cell phone when the officers approached her vehicle. Robertson’s speech was slurred and she was very unsteady on her feet. She admitted to consuming over four drinks. She was filed as drunk driving in the state of Ohio and failure to drive in a market lane.

The wheels of justice have been set in motion as to what type of departmental disciplinary action Mansfield Police Sergeant Shari Robertson might face in the wake of her DUI arrest early Saturday on Main Street in Mansfield. The 41-year-old woman supervises the Mansfield community policing program. While no action has been taken against Robertson as of yet, the director of county safety is taking actions with the residing chief of the police department to determine her work status. As of now, Robertson’s driver’s license is revoked which will make it difficult for her to perform work duties.