A 28-year-old Reno man was taken into custody last week for a multitude of charges against his record. He was initially arrested for driving drunk for the second time. He also claimed and threatened the attending officer, saying that he was going to have someone “(explicit) up” the trooper, According to Nevada Highway Patrol.

The name of the arrested man is Bryan Paul Parziale. He was officially booked on Thursday afternoon in the Washoe County Jail on suspicion of the second drinking and driving under the influence of alcohol, for the second time, and attempting to intimidate the police officer making the arrest.

Parziale was initially pulled over for speeding before the officer realized his open container and checked to see that he was also violating probation for the second drinking and driving offense. According to Trooper Chuck Allen, Parziale was stopped about 2:30 p.m. Thursday for speeding on U.S. 395 near the Stead exit, traveling about 80 mph in a 65 mph zone.

The trooper had detected a strong smell of alcohol and noticed Parziale’s eyes were bloodshot and watery and he had difficulties speaking to the officer. The trooper then noticed a quart of Bud Lite beer that was half-way consumed..

After clearly failing the field sobriety tests, Parziale was handcuffed and placed in the back of the trooper’s cruiser. He then began to kick the rear windows and pound his head against them. On the way to the jail in the back of the cruiser, Parziale also threatened the trooper and his family, saying he had friends coming to town that would “(expletive) up the trooper,” Allen said.

“You never know if it’s the alcohol talking or if the person has serious intentions on hurting an officer,” Allen said. “We take these threats very seriously.”