As part of our commitment to provide access to support programs, we’ve asked some sobriety bloggers to share their stories with our readers. For this post, we welcome Adolfo Vasquez to share his story below.

On May 24, 2014 I awakened from my addiction. I realized my addiction was not in the substance but it lived in my mind and self. I was able to separate the mind disorder from my true self. I hit a rock bottom inside. I lost the love of my life, friends, and my home. Alcoholism lives in the mind but also in the body, in the form of cravings. For me the mind needed the most healing once the healing started the body cravings went away.

I was born in Palm Springs CA in a very abusive household. Both of my parents are addicts. I was molded badly from the start. I had all forms abuse from neglect to sexual that created no self-esteem; I was always searching for validation from others. As a kid I was doing what I needed to survive. Going through my addiction has brought me an understanding on why my childhood was so dark. Addiction is my family curse some are still suffering at the moment.

I will not let my past addiction define me. Just like diabetes doesn’t define a diabetic. Addiction is the only mental disorder that is look down on by society as if we are criminals. Addiction symptoms are bad but no one is born wanting to be an addict.

I started a blog called Sober is the new black the day I got sober. It chronicles my journey into sobriety that eventually lead me to writing poetry. The poems are not written with my fingertips, they are written with my heart. I take out all the stuff I once buried with booze, and turn it into art. It helps me heal. Some are inspirational and some are dark. It’s whatever I am feeling in the moment. I am now on a mission to turn Addiction into Inspiration and one day, hopefully, inspire others who are battling this mind disorder to create art to help them heal. Art gives me a purpose and helps me self reflect.

My year sober is coming up in a few days. Today I wake up feeling craving life. I see people differently, past my ego and only in the light of love. Going through my addiction has brought me closer to myself and gave me compassion for others. Everyone is battling something that I know nothing about so I have to be kind. I am now living in moments. I am using my past as the fuel for my dreams that were once unimaginable. I do believe I am the co-creator of my life with the ultimate creator. Having a positive mindset, continuing my path on recovery, becoming self-aware, healing my past, turning my negative thoughts into positive ones, and letting go of everything.

It’s never too late to create that childhood you never had. Staying sober will lead me to that fairy tale.

Rob Bell once said, “so many people have to unlearn what they have learned in their youth.” Sober is the new black.

Adolfo Vasquez