Alexis Abramowicz will not be attending her prom next Saturday at Lockport East High School. Yet, this unfortunate circumstance is endurable when considering the fact Alexis is lucky to be alive. The seventeen year old survived a head on collision with a drunk driver this past weekend.

The Lockport teen was heading home from work when a 1980 Pontiac Trans Am crossed the center line of Division Street and collided head-on with her Chevrolet Blazer at about 10 p.m. Saturday. The crash caused Alexis’ car to flip onto its roof, trapping her inside. “Alls I remember is driving and the lights coming straight at me in my lane,” said Abramowicz. “I feel like that seatbelt is what saved me from anything going through my windshield.” A passer-by pulled her out of the car. Alexis suffered a broken leg and possible wrist injury from the incident.

The driver of the Trans Am, Dan White, ran from the scene trying to hide in a ditch. Officers soon caught him, where he refused a breathalyzer test . “He wasn’t even concerned about her (Alexis). Alls he was concerned about was his car, not the girl he left for dead,” said Arlene Abramowicz, mother of Alexis.

The Will County state’s attorney reported Dan White has at least three DUI arrests since 2002, the last two happening about a month apart. His current charges include drunken driving, improper lane use and leaving the scene of an injury accident. These charges carry a penalty of up to twelve years in prison.

Currently, Alexis is home from the hospital recovering from the crash. Alexis will be speaking about crash on Tuesday night. She hopes to teach prom goers about drinking and driving through her experience. She says she wants the crash, which appears to be caused by drunk driving, to be a lesson for everyone, including the man responsible for it.