A Santa Rosa man was arrested for a suspicion of drinking and driving after a crash occurred that seriously injured two teen-aged sisters. The two siblings were waiting at a nearby bus stop to catch a fare when they were hit. The man has a lengthy criminal record in Sonoma County marked with drugs, alcohol, and three drunken-driving convictions.

His Ford Ranger pickup flipped multiple times and struck the two girls waiting at a bus stop with their father, police said. He immediately fled the scene and was not arrested until later on Saturday, where he was discovered in a local apartment.

This arrest marks is the second time in less than a week that a driver with multiple DUI convictions is suspected of killing or seriously hurting others in crashes in Santa Rosa.

The name of the convicted man is Mike Tweedie. He recently just turned 35 on Christmas and has remained in the Sonoma County Jail on $30,000 bail Monday. He was due to be arraigned today on felony charges connected to Saturday’s crash on Yulupa Avenue.

Cruz Pineda, a 13-year-old eighth-grader, and her sister Deysi Pineda, a 15-year-old Montgomery High School student, are recovering from the severe accident. Cruz is at Children’s Hospital in Oakland and is reported to be in a coma undergoing treatment for a brain injury. Deysi is recovering from broken bones and was in stable condition at the Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital.

This latest drinking and driving incident is just the latest accusation of impaired driving facing Tweedie. According to the records of the court, he was also convicted of DUI three times in Sonoma County, and completed the county’s DUI education program after each incident. He also apparently has been treated in residential rehabilitation facilities at least twice, in Glen Ellen and Eureka.