The suspect in two separate DUI accidents that resulted in the death of two women has had a bail set for him of $75,000, his name: Randy Archiquette of 12610 Bramfield Drivein Riverview

Judge Walter Heinrick who resides over the Hillsborough County Circuit Court set the bail during Archiquette first court hearing this morning.

Archiquette is charged with two counts of DUI manslaughter, one charge of vehicular homicide with leaving the scene, and one charge of vehicular homicide.

Investigators hope that they will be able to file more charges after further investigation to see whether Archiquette was involved in any additional crashes.

With that in mind, the Hillsborough State Attorney’s Office asked the judge to reconsider bail this morning.

Due to the ensuing investigation Hillsborough State Attorney’s Office asked that Judge Heinrick reconsider his bail during the morning trial.

Prosecutor for the state Barbara Coleman tried to tell Judge Heinrich that there were actually a total of five collisions, but Heinrich cut her off, saying that Coleman should add more charges to the case if indeed there are more charges to add.

The first victim was Betty Williams, 69, of 3917 Suwanee Ave was killed Monday after police stated that Archiquette drove his 2007 Chevrolet Yukon into the rear the victims car at approximately 4pm. The second victim, Brittany McFarland, 20, of 116 W Curtis St. was hit head-on soon after the first accident occurred.

Authorities say that the second crash resulted in McFarland’s vehicle spinning around into oncoming traffic where it was hit by a tow truck.

According to Andrea Davis, Police spokeswoman, they are currently investigating the possibility that Archiquette was connected to two crashes that occurred earlier. One accident occurred at 39th Street and Adamo Drive, and the other at 28th Street and Adamo Drive.

Archiquette had a blood alcohol level of 0.147, over the level at which Florida law considers a driver impaired.