If you have been charged with DUI once, you must be aware of the consequences a DUI conviction can lead to. A first time DUI offense in Arizona is a serious one and if you end up facing a second DUI charge, you can be in a lot of trouble. A repeat or second DUI/DWI charge in Arizona leads to even more serious fines, increased jail time and penalties and also has a serious impact on your personal and professional life.

The allegation of a repeat DUI arrest should not be taken lightly. You should get in touch with a skilled DUI lawyer in Arizona who will examine your arrest details and come up with a strategy to fight the charge. An experienced lawyer will review the strength of the prosecution’s case against you and will advise you on the merits of fighting the case to beat your second AZ DUI case. Defense attorneys are familiar with numerous defense and mitigation strategies which help them assist their clients in defending a second DUI arrest charge in Arizona.

Discussing your case carefully with an attorney is the first step in defending the repeat DUI charge. You must have the arrest details with you when you discuss your case with an attorney so you know what your options will be. Just like in the case of fighting a first-time DUI/DWI case, defense attorneys use specific defenses to help defendants accused of a second DUI charge. In a 2nd DUI offense, it is critical that you know your legal strategies based on your own arrest circumstances. Your lawyer will be able to find flaws in the case against you based on these circumstances.

First of all, your lawyer will check if there are any errors in your 2nd DUI ticket. You should also tell the attorney if you were asked to keep blowing in the breathalyzer repeatedly by the arresting officer. Your lawyer will also check your breathalyzer results and see if the test results can be challenged with calibration errors. Other factors such as poor weather conditions and officer behavior at the time of arrest can also be used by your attorney to find loopholes when defending your case. Your lawyer will also ask you if you felt you were pulled over for no reason or if you were read your Mirada Rights at the time of arrest or not.

Challenging all the technicalities and finding loopholes in the second DUI arrest will increase your chances of the case being completely dismissed in court. Looking at all the critical elements in detail will help the lawyer find loopholes in your case and beat your 2nd DUI charge in court. Your lawyer will also check if there is a possibility of a plea bargain as this is your 2nd DUI and he or she will strive hard to avoid any negative outcome so that you have a chance at driving again and moving forward in your life. Be involved with your lawyer at every aspect of the case to beat your 2nd DUI charge in Arizona.

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