Many consumers are frustrated by phone calls they receive from telemarketers. Many people don’t realize that in many cases, these calls are illegal. After the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) was instated, telemarketers were no longer able to contact consumers without their prior express written consent.

Many websites include a section for consumers to fill in with personal information. Many websites even require you to fill in this section before moving on to look at the rest of the site. This is where things can get dicey. Telemarketers are required to get express prior written consent before contacting the consumer, some consumers don’t notice the fine print when they are submitting forms through a website. Other times, there is no fine print. This means consumers did not consent to a company contacting them by phone.

Many telemarketing companies also receive a customer’s information by purchasing the information from other companies. This practice is against the TCPA because most likely, the consumer did not give their prior express written consent to the company contacting them. One company that has been known to do this is Elephant Auto Insurance. If you have recently filled out information with another insurance company, you’ll likely receive a call from Elephant.

While it can be helpful to place yourself on the Do Not Call registry, many companies ignore the fact that consumers may be on the list. They also often ignore consumers when they ask to be removed from the list of the company calling them.

What can you do to fight back against telemarketers?

The fight against telemarketers can seem hopeless when your phone keeps ringing. Follow these tips to begin your fight.

  • Get as much information from them as you can.
  • Save all calls, texts, and faxes.
  • Visit our website
  • Fill out our form on the right of the homepage.
  • Speak with one of our lawyers when the contact you.

Consumers who begin a class action case against telemarketers may be awarded between $500 and $1500 per call, text, or fax. Don’t wait until the calls push you over the edge, do something about it today!