Payment Plan Available

Nobody ever expects to be under investigation for, or accused of, committing a crime, and navigating through the legal process is never a pleasant experience. However, our DWI attorneys will do their best to make the entire experience as manageable and bearable as it can possibly be, while also doing their best to deliver a positive result, or minimize the effect the case can have on your life.

Our legal fees are competitive, but we also understand that requiring a lump sum payment up front can cause some unpleasant adjustments in your budget, and could put you in a tough position financially. That is why we also work with you to find a payment structure that puts the least amount of stress on you as possible, and allows you the resources to continue enjoying your life the best way you can while we help you through this difficult process.

Our goal as a firm is to make sure that you can maintain some sense of normalcy throughout the legal process as you fight charges that threaten your way of life. Doing our best to avoid a conviction is just one way that we try to make sure you are able to continue living your life with as few necessary interruptions as possible. The payment plans we offer are another way that we try to make sure your life stays on track throughout this difficult time.

Other firms may require you to pay your legal bill up-front, in a lump sum amount, which can only further complicate things as you prepare to fight the charges you face. When preparing for a difficult process such as your defense, the last thing you need to be thinking about is how you are going to scrounge up enough money to pay your lawyer up front with a lump sum. Our payment plans ensure that your focus stays true, and that you can devote the energy necessary to put forth a successful defense against the charges you face.

Initial consultation is free regarding your case. Payment plans are available. Please either contact us or call us, 1-866-792-7800, for more information.

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Disclaimer: This is an official acknowledgement that by contacting Nave DWI Defense Attorneys for financing, you give full permission to pull a credit report for the purpose of obtaining financing. Checking your credit report does not automatically mean that you will be approved for financing. Nave DWI Defense Attorneys reserves the right to deny or approve any application submitted based upon information provided. The information gathered will be retained by Nave DWI Defense Attorneys and will not be sold, solicited, or shared with anyone else without prior notification to the borrower.