Our client was accused of being in a hit and run accident which he denied. The police ultimately ticketed him with leaving the scene of a property damage accident and a DWI. The police alleged that he fled and was ultimately apprehended at a local grocery story. The officers said that they smelled alcohol on our client and that he had impaired speech and motor coordination. During our work on the case we were able to establish issues with the allegation that our client even operated the vehicle. As such we were able to win the refusal hearing and build some testimony for our argument to the DA. We were unable to get an acceptable offer through negotiations therefore we pushed for the case to head to hearings. When we arrived at the probable cause hearing we were able to point out the issues with the case to the DA. Ultimately the DA agreed with our assessment and offered our client a non-moving parking ticket which carried with it a minimum fines and no effect on our client’s driver’s license and all the criminal charges included the DWI were dismissed.

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