Our client was desperate and fearful for his livelihood. He was enjoying a day at the track, and indulged in a beer before the races and one afterwards. He felt that he was being responsible that day, but unfortunately the police felt otherwise and charged him with two DWI charges. Our client held a commercial driver’s license, and has relied on the ability to drive commercial vehicles for a living for decades. Under current DMV regulations, a reduction from a DWI to a DWAI would not have helped him, as it would still have resulted in a one year revocation of his commercial driver’s license. This would have been fatal to our client’s ability to support his family.  Attorney Mangovski went to work on the District Attorney’s Office. After weeks of negotiations he was able to secure his client an offer that would prevent both a criminal conviction and the revocation of his commercial driver’s license, keeping him in work and his family provided for. An excellent result for a very deserving client.