The Daily News has reported that New York’s Governor, Cuomo has signed into legislation a ban on the sale of powdered or crystalline alcohol in the state.

Cuomo and other critics believe powdered or freeze-dried alcohol, which is making its way to liquor stores across the country, would be a danger to everyone especially underage drinkers. “This dangerous product is a public health disaster waiting to happen,” Cuomo said.

According to the National Conference of State Legislatures, New York will join other states that have passed legislation to ban powdered alcohol in recent months. In 2014, a handful of states began enacting bans on powdered alcohol and in 2015 that number has grown to 22 states.

The maker of Palcohol has aggressively tired to prove that powdered alcohol is safer than liquid alcohol stating “it’s much harder to misuse or abuse powdered alcohol than liquid alcohol”. All the assertions legislators have made are wrong. They don’t know anything about the packaging, pricing or marketing. They’re just making stuff up.

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