One DWI case in particular got New York buzzing. More than ten years ago a man killed a woman in an alleged hit and run drunk driving incident. UticaOD reported that the after that incident “police lacked enough evidence to show [the man] was driving drunk” but has since received three DWI arrests and is now facing his fourth.

After the accident that resulted in death he was sentenced to five years probation and 12 weekends in jail. After that, the man was “arrested two more times for DWI less than three years later.” He received one to three years in prison from those charges. A few years after his two DWI arrests he received a third but was not convicted. Now facing another DWI arrest (his fourth) the prosecutor stated that “his case has been referred to the District Attorney’s office to determine if he can be charged with more serious felony DWI charges.”

The family of the victim followed the man’s behavior ever since the accident and is asking “what’s it going to take to get him off the street?” Their concerns stem from whether or not it will take him killing another person in a drunk driving before he is completely off the road. This concern is a familiar one and a “constant frustration” for the public.

Utica DWI laws often have several consequences including loss of your driver’s license, heavy fines, court costs, probation, ignition interlock devices, and sometimes even jail or state prison. The DWI laws vary and can even result in one to seven years in prison depending on the circumstances. However, “no matter how many alcohol-related arrests someone might have a number of factors and setback can result in those charges being reduced or dismissed.”

The fact that DWI laws and punishments change and vary depending on the circumstances several families become outraged when they watch certain people get one DWI arrest after the next with no jail time. Oneida County Assistant District Attorney Steven Feiner stated that “you can only give somebody a break so many times until you say enough is enough…but you’re the only one who can help yourself.”

There are several different aggravating factors that can lead to harsher punishment, and there are several mitigating factors that lead to lesser sentences. It all depends on the specific case. If you have been charged with a DWI in Utica and have questions concerning your case, contact Nave DWI Defense Attorneys at 315-775-2001 for a free case evaluation. The DWI lawyers at Nave DWI Defense Attorneys are experienced and qualified in dealing with DWI charges and will give you a clear idea of the charges and possible consequences of your situation, including an evaluation of how any past offenses may play a role in your current case.

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