StearClear-FooterAs DWI defense attorneys, we see the effects of drinking and driving, so Nave DWI Defense Attorneys has teamed up with STEARCLEAR to make sure that you can have fun responsibly and to get you and your vehicle home safely. Download the STEARCLEAR app, and with a click of a button you request a drive team for you and your vehicle to get you home safe and sound. Using the promo code: AX, you’ll receive 10% off your first ride.

Changing the way people think about getting home

Step One: Use the STEARCLEAR app to schedule your pickup time and location.
Step Two: Connect with your driver through the app and discuss logistics.
Step Three: Get home safely with our drivers.



STEARCLEAR is an app based designated driver service that takes customers and their vehicle home. The service works by deploying a team of two drivers, one drives you home in your own vehicle while the other follows to pick up your driver from your final destination and get them to the next appointment.

How Do I Know I Have a Driver / Ride?

You know you have a driver when you receive a notification via the app with your driver’s name and phone number. Service is subject to driver availability. Requesting in advance is suggested on high volume nights (Friday, Saturday and holidays).

Are STEARCLEAR Drivers Trained?

All STEARCLEAR drivers go through a stringent criminal background and driving record check. They’re also fully trained on the Company’s customer service standards. All STEARCLEAR drivers are insured.

How Much Does a One Way Trip Cost?

One way trips are charged with a pick up fee and per mile charge. Prices vary by location. Call 866.734.1912 for rates in your area, or visit the rate finder. After the ride is complete STEARCLEAR will charge the credit or debit card you have on file.

How Do I Become a STEARCLEAR Member?

It’s as easy as downloading the STEARCLEAR app to your phone, or register online at

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Currently, STEARCLEAR’s service is available throughout the Syracuse and Rochester markets and Nave DWI Defense Attorneys is a proud investment partner providing financial support to help expand this service to all areas of New York State.

Remember, don’t take the chance driving home when you’ve had a couple drinks, it’s not worth the risk. Download the STEARCLEAR app and use Nave DWI Defense Attorneys’s promotional code: AX, for your money saving discount.

“STEARCLEAR allows me to go out with friends, have a good time, and not have to worry about how I’m getting home. I simply just put where I am into the app, and I know someone will be there to get me when my evening is done. They take away the inconvenience of having to go back the next day to retrieve my vehicle, but most importantly, I get home safe. My only concern at the end of the night is what I’m going to eat.” – Sean S., Syracuse, NY