“My attorney beyond a doubt secured for me the best possible outcome. He was able to present my case to the District Attorney in such a discerning manner as to get my charge reduced to a DWAI, a mere traffic infraction! I am extremely grateful that in doing so, he was able to save me from a criminal record, jail time, probation, the list goes on! Thanks to him I was able to avoid these very serious consequences that would have had a hugely negative impact on my future.  I would recommend Nave DWI Defense Attorneys to anyone else unfortunate enough to find their self in the same predicament as I did. I believe that by choosing Nave DWI Defense Attorneys I gave myself the best chance of securing the least possible legal consequences, due to the fact that DWI law is the primary focus of the firm, thereby ensuring that all of the lawyers are well qualified and well experienced in handling every possible type of DWI case. I would have been gambling with my future had I gone with a different lawyer, and I will never know if I could have secured the same outcome. I am glad I didn’t take that chance.”