“I would recommend you guys because you are very good when it comes to working with people in financial straights. Thanks! I would definitely recommend you guys to anyone with a DWI because my lawyer Mike Viscosi was great! He was very helpful and I had never gone through this before and to know that I could call whenever I had a question about something or needed more time on anything, he was very helpful because I know it’s easy to say court over and done, client over and done but Mike is good about being there for me till ALL is said and done. I also like when I first called and explained my situation I was told not to worry because the guy that was on the phone with me had told me he had also gotten a DWI so it wasn’t the end of the world. That was a relief to know that even lawyers got DWI’s. I was also very glad that I didn’t have to pay out of pocket right away especially since I am not in a financial position to pay out of pocket the full expense it would have cost for representation. I just have to say Mike has been very helpful through this whole first (and last) time experience! Thank you!”