“I was so impressed with my attorney’s ability and desire to help me understand the entire process and all my options and possible outcome of each step in my case! He was always available, engaging and interested in my concerns an I believed he always had my best interest in mind. Now, to the EXCELLENT, AWESOME, AND MUCH UNEXPECTED ENDING TO MY CASE. My attorney worked so hard and by getting to know me, was able to represent me to the ADA, in the such a way that the charges were changed (lowered), to the extent that the judge in my case even made mention that he was impressed and I should be grateful to my attorney. In closing, I have to say that I told my attorney that If there was anything I could do to assist him or his firm, please feel free to ask. In plain words, my attorney went above and beyond to reach the most favorable outcome to my case. Thank you ANELLI XAVIER!”