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Watertown DWI Law Overview

DWI or “driving while intoxicated,” is in the national spotlight more than it was many years ago. States are now enacting stricter statutes that carry harsh DWI penalties, including stiff fines and mandatory license suspensions for DWI offenders.

A DWI case may be started when a police officer notices a driver swerving back and forth on the road. The officer may follow the car for a distance, and notice that the driver is weaving between lanes, or is moving in and out of their own lane. The officer may notice that the driver is crossing the line in the road or is moving too fast or too slow. The officer may decide to pull the driver over and will approach the driver’s window. The police officer will usually make basic observations about the driver’s odor of alcohol, slurred speech, glassy or bloodshot eyes, slow reactions, or slow response to commands. These are all considered by law enforcement officials to be common signs of intoxication.

The officer will then have the driver perform field sobriety tests. If the driver fails these tests, they may be taken to the police station and given a breath test to measure their blood alcohol content (BAC). The driver may also be asked to submit to chemical testing, usually a blood or urinalysis test. In Watertown, the crime of DWI is defined as driving a motor vehicle with a BAC of .08 percent or above. A driver may also be convicted of DWI in Watertown under the “common law” theory if it is proven that they were “intoxicated” while driving. Proving intoxication involves showing that because the driver ingested a sufficient amount of alcohol, they lacked the necessary physical and mental skills to operate a motor vehicle as a reasonable and prudent driver.

The penalties for a first-time DWI conviction are as follows: the offender will be convicted of a misdemeanor and assuming they have no prior convictions for DWI, they will be subject to a minimum fine of $500.00 and a maximum fine of $1,000.00. The offender’s driver’s license will be revoked for 6 months and the offender probably will not serve jail time. If an offender has been convicted for a prior DWI within 10 years of a new DWI arrest, the new charge will be a felony. The repeat DWI offender in New York is subject to fines between $1000 up to $10,000, may have their driver’s license revoked for up to 1 year and may be required to get an ignition interlock device installed on their vehicle.

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Choosing a Watertown DWI Defense Attorney

To competently represent a client charged with DWI an attorney must have expertise with the newest techniques and current technologies unique to this area of criminal defense. DWI defense involves a complex combination of science and law also involves treating the defense of these serious crimes with the respect that they deserve. The attorneys at Nave DWI Defense Attorneys know all the ins and outs and nuances of DWI cases. Our attorneys frequently handle more complicated DWI cases and are prepared to fully defend our clients and protect every issue that may be available to them. We’re available for you 24/7: 1-866-792-7800.

Why Nave DWI Defense Attorneys?

At Nave DWI Defense Attorneys, our attorneys specialize in deciphering the scientific evidence needed to formulate a defense strategy in DWI cases, including chemical testing and Standardized Field Sobriety Tests. Our attorneys understand that DWI cases are complex because the crimes are established by the evidence itself. The law firm of Nave DWI Defense Attorneys, with its qualified and highly experienced lawyers, uses modern methods and strategic legal solutions to handle the complete range of legal services relating to DWI defense law. Let us explain your options today: 1-866-792-7800.

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