When it comes to choosing a DWI attorney, it can be a very tricky process. But, at the same time, it becomes very crucial that you find the best option for your situation. Selecting the right attorney is the hardest part which most people find themselves in when they are involved in an incident involving a crime. Here is a step by step guide to help you select the best DWI defense attorney for your case, from the team at Nave DWI Defense Attorneys.

1. Find A DWI Attorney That Only Handles DWI Cases

Simply hiring any attorney out there is not going to be very helpful. Lawyers specialize in different areas such as family law, civil law, criminal law etc. Therefore, it is important that you hire an attorney who specializes in one particular area of criminal defense such as DWI offenses. Make sure you visit a prospective attorney’s website to see what areas of law they practice. Keep in mind that an attorney who handles divorce cases as an example, might not know all of the latest policies regarding a DWI charge.

2. Hire a Private Lawyer

Though it can be more expensive as compared to public lawyers, private lawyers have the time and resources for individual client needs. Public lawyers have hundreds of cases to deal with, so they will not be able to give you enough time and provide you with the required defense.

3. Choose the private lawyer carefully

Find details for a number of private lawyers who have specialized in the area of defense you need. Get initial consultations with them and decide which qualities are important to you and then find those qualities in those lawyers. For example, do you want to go with experience, or do you want to go with someone you are comfortable with? Or can you find a lawyer who meets all of your needs?

4. Find Recent Client Reviews and Case Results

Results always speak louder than words. When you are looking for a DWI lawyer, check out their client testimonials on their own web site plus some of their industry profile pages, like AVVO. Also check out their recent case results. Have they handled cases similar to yours and produced positive results?

5. Do a background check on the lawyer

Check if the lawyers you have shortlisted are registered with any legal organizations. The lawyer should at least belong to the County and State Bar Associations and might also be part of other organizations like the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL), or the State Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.

6. Has the lawyer earned a high AVVO rating?

Lawyers are rated according to the AVVO rating, between a score of one and ten. However, you should note that not all lawyers participate in AVVO’s directory and rating system, especially some of the newest attorneys.

7. Ask questions and discuss your case

In most cases, the initial consultation is the deciding factor for most clients whether they want to go ahead with the attorney or not. Ask questions like who will be working on your case, what’s the attorney’s experience level, how much time will the attorney be putting into your case and so on. If you are comfortable talking to the attorney and have received satisfactory answers, and gotten their view points on your particular case, then that’s should be good indicator you are making the right choice.

Our Firm Only Handles DWI Cases

At Nave DWI Defense Attorneys, the only cases we handle are DWI-related. Unlike some other firms, we do not spread ourselves thin handling several different types of cases. Our single focus benefits our client because our lawyers spend all their professional time gaining real DWI defense experience. We understand the confusion and fear you deal with when charged. We are unyielding when it comes to defending our clients and protecting their rights. In addition to years of experience, Nave DWI Defense Attorneys lawyers are also highly trained to defend DWIs. Our lawyers know how to handle every aspect of DWI cases, from plea-bargaining to trial to DMV administrative proceedings.

Nave DWI Defense Attorneys lawyers have been nationally recognized for their commitment and high quality of representation for each and every client. If you or a loved one was recently charged with a DWI or related offense, contact Nave DWI Defense Attorneys immediately. Let us put our reputation, training, and experience to use for you.

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