Nave Law Firm is proud of our reputation for professionalism and innovation. The company plans all action around our leading core values and wants this information to be easily accessible to our clientele. The following is meant to provide you with an understanding of our guiding principles and core beliefs.


Our Vision

  • To be the leading DWI law firm, delivering quality, value-added services to our clients throughout the state of New York.


Our Philosophy

  • We are dedicated to the vigorous defense of individuals charged with a criminal matter.
  • We have the geographic coverage that allows us to help our clients when they must appear in Court.
  • We base our business on long-term relationships with our Attorneys, Of Counsel Attorneys, Courts, and District Attorneys’ Offices and strive to deliver added value on a sustained basis.
  • We acquire deep knowledge and understanding of the counties in which we operate.
  • We pursue excellence and seek to innovate in everything we do to include legal strategy, technology, client services, and marketing.
  • Our strength and vision will be founded upon the strength and stature of our local and statewide practices and relationships.


Our Beliefs

We believe that…

  • Our clients’ needs are our compass.
  • Legal advice should be pragmatic, solution-oriented and technically excellent.
  • To offer such advice, we need to understand our clients, as well as their concerns.
  • We can only understand our clients if we have a strong, healthy, well-managed and friendly relationship with them.
  • Size, influence and statewide reach are important because they help us bring the right talents and experience to bear on the needs of each client.


Our Principals

Our unifying principals in rank and integrated order are:

  • Integrity is the ethical foundation;
  • Quality is the uncompromising standard;
  • Service that is benefit-oriented is the constant and sustained deliverable;
  • Excellence is the commitment that ensures success;
  • Entrepreneurial mindsets anticipate and respond proactively to change;

Integrity – we believe in complete honesty and truth in all our interactions. We keep our promises, honor our guarantees and fulfill our commitments.

Quality – we are committed to developing and delivering world-class legal service, policies, and protocols to our clients and staff. We define quality as high value, helpful, useful, practical solutions and methods that assist our client’s well-being and quality of life.

Service – we are committed to serving our customers quickly, cheerfully, helpfully and accurately. We place a premium on speed, simplicity and on exceeding client’s expectations. Our clients and Of Counsel Attorneys are central to everything we do and their satisfaction is vital to every person in the firm.

Excellence – all staff and Attorneys of Nave Law Firm are committed to doing excellent work in the fulfillment of their responsibilities. We select carefully, set high standards of performance, encourage continual improvement and support regular upgrading of skills.

Entrepreneurial – we are a creative, innovative, fast-moving, high-energy law firm committed to rapid, continual responses to the changing needs and requirements of our clients in Attorney development, service policies, and internal operations.

Our commitment to high standards is further reinforced in this Customer Service Code of Conduct.  This code provides clear direction on conduct expected in support of our customer.


Nave Law Firm expects the highest possible standards of integrity and conduct in all matters supported by the following Code of Conduct:

  1. We put you, the customer, first. Your concerns are taken very seriously and with the appropriate sense of urgency, attention, and empathy. This means listening intently, making notes, and confirming understanding before taking action;
  2. We embrace your complaints as opportunities to impress you. Instead of reacting defensively, we commit to resolving your issue or request with urgency, clarity, and to your complete satisfaction;
  3. We provide honest and timely responses. We conduct ourselves with integrity.  We will deliberate carefully before making commitments or promises, and we commit to responding to your questions, and concerns within a suitable and detailed manner;
  4. We will focus on your goals.  We will aim to make sure that no matter the situation, we determine and adopt your goals are our own, and provide you all the information you need to get the best experience, value, and result from our partnership;

Should you have any issues with customer service, please feel free to contact Sean Kelsey at 1-866-792-7800 or