Albany, New York – Nave DWI Defense Attorneys, New York’s DWI focused law firm, is pleased to announce a trial win on Friday, September 18th in Albany County Court. Our team represented the client in the case of People vs. Erin R. The case against our client is the first Leandra’s Law charge to go to trial in Albany County.

Our client was arrested and charged with a Felony Aggravated DWI on July 24, 2014 under Leandra’s Law.

Leandra’s Law was signed into law on November 18, 2009 in honor of Leandra Rosado. Leandra was an 11-year old killed while she rode in a vehicle driven by an intoxicated mother of one of her friends. In response to this tragedy, the NYS Legislature made several changes to the Vehicle and Traffic Law (VTL).

Pursuant to New York Vehicle Traffic Law Section 1192-2a, defendants convicted under Leandra’s Law may face a prison sentence of up to four years and a fine of $1000–$5000. The installation of a mandatory ignition interlock device for a term of at least six months can also be an expected provision of the charge.

After approximately 6 hours of deliberations, the jury found our client not guilty of the Leandra’s Law charge. Our client was sentenced to just fines and surcharges.

The trial team was lead by Nave DWI Defense Attorneys’s Director of Legal Services, Kevin O’Brien and Attorney Martin Bonventre. “Our team worked diligently for many months to prepare all of the facts of this case and our hard work paid off. Our client is extremely happy with the jury’s verdict and thankful to our team’s commitment to his fair representation,” O’Brien said.

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