Auto insurance can be expensive. Your age, type of vehicle, vehicle modifications and safety features, usage, the area you live in, your driving record, and other factors help to determine the premium you pay. Certain factors result in discounts, while others can cause you to pay a higher premium. When risk factors are involved, many insurers will charge you far more than a customer with few risk factors, and sometimes they will deny coverage altogether. This may force you to pay even more by purchasing a policy through a company that specializes in high-risk auto insurance.

If you have a DWI on your record, you risk losing your existing policy, or paying a higher price to keep that policy. Moreover, if you try to obtain car insurance after a DWI, you are often left with little choice except those exorbitantly priced high-risk companies.

Average Auto Insurance Cost

Given the many factors that go into determining the price for an individual policyholder, it is difficult to estimate the cost of auto insurance. However, New York State ranks as a high-cost state, with the average policyholder paying approximately $204.00 per month for full coverage. While liability-only coverage is cheaper, this is not always an option. Many vehicle owners find the coverage lacking, and those who are financing their automobile are often required to carry full coverage insurance while the bank or car lot still legally owns the vehicle.

High-Risk Coverage

While there are comparatively cheap high-risk auto insurance options and steps you can take to reduce costs, you will still probably wind up paying more than you would pay for standard automobile coverage. High-risk coverage exists for those drivers who have certain red-flag factors that make other insurance companies shy away, such as car accidents and DWIs. High-risk insurance used to be difficult to find and was once even more costly than it is now. Fortunately, the insurance industry realized the need and strived to fulfill that need, making it far easier for high-risk drivers to obtain the auto insurance that is mandatory all over the country. Of course, drivers with a DWI on their record also face the need for an SR-22 before they can legally resume driving.

The SR-22 is required for those drivers deemed high-risk by insurance companies, and by the State. An SR-22 may be required for several reasons, especially for those convicted of DWI. SR-22 filings must remain current and be kept with the driver at all times during the period the State requires them to carry it. The purpose of the SR-22, which can be obtained from your existing insurance company or companies specializing in SR-22s, is to prove to the State that the high-risk driver has obtained the necessary coverage enabling them to uphold financial responsibility when driving, and for any unfortunate event that arises from their driving.

DWI Lawyer
Our experienced DWI lawyers have no control over the laws or the premiums charged by insurance companies. However, we can help you to understand how DWI laws affect your insurance coverage and how to ensure compliance with insurance laws.

The DWI attorneys at Nave DWI Defense Attorneys can help to reduce the charges against you and potentially lessen the consequences you face. While we cannot guarantee a reduction in insurance costs without case dismissal or an acquittal, a reduction in charges can result in leniency in the period required for an SR-22.

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