Driver in Niagara County pulls over to dial 911 because he’s too drunk to drive
A recent news story in The Inquisitr reports that while Patrick Kelly, 33, attempted to do the right thing by pulling over on a remote road in New York and dialing 911 to let authorities know he was too drunk to continue driving – he probably did not expect to be arrested – which is exactly what happened.

Mr. Kelly admitted to police that he drank eight beers that night. He took a field sobriety test and failed. His blood alcohol content (BAC) registered at 0.15 percent. The legal limit in New York is 0.08 percent. Despite turning himself in, he was still arrested for driving while intoxicated (DWI) and was locked up in Niagara County Jail. His bail was set at $250.

Houston residents shocked after driver rumbled through three homes
The driver of a large SUV in southwest Houston failed to maneuver his vehicle properly and wound up crashing through three townhomes. KTRK-TV writes about the incident online and notes that fortunately, no one sustained injuries. The townhomes involved in the crash did not fare as well.

The driver was not identified in the article. Police suspect that alcohol may have affected the driver’s erratic road (and off-road) behavior.

Jamestown woman backs out of her own driveway, causes accident and gets DWI
Backing out of one’s own driveway can be troublesome if too many drinks are consumed. This may be the case for Robin Smith, 39 of Jamestown, NY, as reported by Ms. Smith recently backed out of her driveway and blocked the path of another driver’s vehicle. The other driver then struck Ms. Smith’s vehicle.

Ms. Smith was arrested and charged with DWI as well as unsafe backing. The driver of the other vehicle suffered neck and back pain and was checked at an area hospital. Ms. Smith is scheduled to appear in court at the end of July this year so she may respond to charges.

NY DWI Lawyer
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