High school prom season is just around the corner, and teenage drinking weighs on the minds of parents and law enforcement officers alike. The threat of underage drinking brings with it the possibility that teens will violate DWI laws, and potentially harm themselves and others. However, local organizations, schools and law enforcement are stepping up against underage drinking and driving. These local agencies strive to spread awareness to the public, and hope to curb underage drinking and driving as sharply as possible.

In New York’s Oneida County, the Oneida County Youth Bureau will be hosting its STOP DWI Baseball Classic at DeLutis Field in Rome. The baseball event is being held in conjunction with STOP DWI’s Annual Teen Traffic Safety Education Program. The Utica Observer Dispatch reports that the event will take place this weekend and will pit ten area baseball teams against each other for five baseball games. Aside from featuring the classic American sport, the STOP DWI Baseball Classic will be an opportunity for the Oneida County Youth Bureau to spread awareness and education to local youth and their families. Event personnel will distribute educational materials to adults, and several agencies and organizations will address issues such as texting and driving and alcohol and tobacco abuse. The event has been quite popular in the past; last year over 1,500 people attended.

In New Jersey, the Roxbury Register reports, the Roxbury Police Department has contributed its own defensive line against teen drinking and driving. As part of its program “Every Fifteen Minutes,” the police department orchestrated an elaborate real-life display of a drunk driving incident involving students that attend the school. The drama included an accident in the school’s very own parking lot, EMT’s taking students away from the scene, charges laid against the teen driver, and a bagpipe procession for the victims of the accident. The program is meant to impact students and spread awareness of the hazards of drinking and driving.

Teen DWI Consequences

DWI resources provided by state and local agencies, such as the ones detailed above, are well warranted. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, motor vehicles are the number one cause of death for teens in the United States. The CDC notes that elevated blood alcohol content at any level is a greater risk for teen drivers than older drivers. It also reports that in 2010, 22% of drivers between the ages of 15 and 20 years old that were involved in fatal vehicle crashes were drinking alcohol. The same report also notes that 24% of teens reported that, in the month prior, they had ridden as a passenger in a vehicle driving by a drunk driver.

Teen drinking and driving has become a major issue of concern in today’s society. Teen drivers with DWI charges against them should immediately seek out the assistance of an experienced attorney. If you have been charged with violating DWI laws, contact an experienced attorney at Nave DWI Defense Attorneys today for a confidential consultation at 1-866-792-7800.

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