New York State Cracking Down DWI New York’s initiative of reducing the number of repeat drunk drivers is having favorable results. The initiative was put in place after startling numbers revealed that 50 to 75 percent of convicted drunk drivers continue to drive on a suspended license. Additionally, thanks to Governor Cuomo’s new program, the New York Department of Motor Vehicles have reviewed almost 4000 applications for re-licensing and 1600 were permanently denied re-licensing because of alcohol and drug related charges on their record, and 1,500 were denied for re-licensing for another five years.

It is believed that in the long run these new programs working together will effectively reduce the amount of people arrested for drunk driving in New York, and in turn reduce the number of fatalities that occur (over 10,000 in New York alone in 2011).

Interesting DWI News Around the United States

Recently, one state appellate court affirmed a man’s drunk driving conviction that resulted in a ten year driver’s license suspension. In this case, the defendant was arrested in 2010 for drunk driving and has appealed his conviction, in which the state court of appeals has affirmed. The basis of his appeal was challenging the breathalyzer test that was administered on the day of his arrest.

The defendant had a blood alcohol content of 0.18% which qualified him for an aggravated DWI charge. The defendant challenged the arrest on the grounds that surrounding electronics “skewed” the results of his breath test, and that the officer was not “justified in pulling him over in the first place.” The prosecuting office cited that the initial pull over was valid because the initial reason for the stop was the vehicle not functioning properly. The officer noted that once pulled over, it was his opinion that the defendant smelled of alcohol. The appeals court ruled that “the officer had reasonable grounds to pull [the defendant] over, and that the electronics in the testing room were either off or in hibernation mode” and thus could not have affected the breathalyzer reading.

New York Daily News reported on another DWI arrest where a man was arrested after crashing his truck. The bizarre thing was that the man was found hiding behind a cactus and his passenger was found naked and thrown from the vehicle. The police department is under the assumption that the man and women were having sex while driving drunk and then crashed the vehicle. The man is being charged on “aggravated DWI, reckless driving and evading police.”

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