Drinking and driving is an issue that exists around the globe. Efforts to reduce the problem also exist around the globe. Countries and even regions or states within the same country may vary their approach to drinking while intoxicated (DWI).

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One approach, a deterrence program, is found right here in our own backyard. Many County’s have enacted is STOP-DWI (Special Traffic Options Program for Driving While Intoxicated) is a program that aims to reduce DWI incidents. The program funds added law enforcement patrol and prosecutorial staff and equipment. STOP-DWI also aims to increase public awareness about the ramifications of DWIs. This program is self-sustaining – all the funding provided by the group originates from the fines imposed upon those convicted of DWIs.

DWI is a crime that carries stiff penalties in the state of New York. If convicted of a DWI in the state of New York – penalties that can be imposed include: license suspension or revocation, fines and possibly jail time.

Last year, as noted in UPI.com, France imposed a controversial new law wherein all drivers are required to carry a Breathalyzer-type device in their vehicles. The law was temporarily suspended when there was a shortage of the devices in stores but the law has since been reinstated.

In a proactive effort to curb DWI incidents, drivers in France – including those vacationing in France – are required to have a breath test kit in their vehicle. The idea is that before a driver that consumed alcohol starts a vehicle – the individual will test their blood alcohol content (BAC) to determine whether or not they are within the legal limit to drive. Currently, the BAC in France is 0.05. Initially, the law imposed a nominal fine if a driver did not have the breath test kit. That fine has since been withdrawn – so it is uncertain as to how the law will be put in force or what effect it will have on the deterrence of DWIs.

As reported in Asia One News, Taiwan is proposing a different approach to deter DWIs. The idea is not aimed at the general population but rather at those individuals that are public servants in Taiwan. Taiwanese government officials noticed an unsettling trend in its recent crackdown on DWIs – basically many public servants were breaking the DWI laws. In an aim to punish public servant offenders and deter future offenders, a DWI is now grounds for dismissal from work.

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The primary goal of these aforementioned diverse and global programs is to reduce the number of DWIs. The DWI defense attorneys at Nave DWI Defense Attorneys are DWI experts in the state of New York. We appreciate the necessity of programs aimed to lower the number of DWIs. However, legal issues surrounding DWIs are complex and diverse – no matter where one lives. That is why each DWI matter must be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

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