A new program on Drunk Driving Simulators in Brentwood, TN.  is aimed at teaching teens a lesson. The program places special goggles on the teens, and has them drive through a course. One teen reported that she thought she was doing good when in reality she “drug a cone through half of the course”.

This is the second time the Community Crime Prevention Institute has held a DWI simulator course for teens. Their main goal is to “send a sobering message.” The timing couldn’t have been more perfect, as summer is just around the corner, the DWI rates are going up, and as far as underage drinking goes, the more prevention the better. One “crime prevention specialist” involved in the effort states the timing is perfect since prom season is upon us, and statistics show that 70% of fatalities among 15-20 year-old drivers involve the use of alcohol.

Recently New York got another taste of a drunk driving simulation, but it was much different than that which was experienced elsewhere. Instead of a simulator, a Long Island high school put on a full drunk driving accident on their football field, including police, firefighters, and students participants. The students witnessed a real DWI crash scene, in which a drunken teenager was driving on prom night and crashed his car. The driver was uninjured and did field sobriety tests, another went through the windshield and died instantly, the last passenger was stuck in the back seat.

Teenagers who actually went to the high school were the participants, which sparked real emotions amongst the audience. One of the most striking moments was when the parent of the dead teenager arrived on the scene, emotional, and screaming at the teenage driver. The real life emotions had an extraordinary impact on the audience. 

Drunk driving simulators are increasing in numbers and are targeted at young drivers. There are several programs in which individuals can enter their children into the programs, but the hope is that simulations will start occurring at high schools throughout the United States. New York is one of the zero tolerance states in which targets persons under the age of 21 who operate a motor vehicle regardless of the level of impairment.

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