The saddening news of Nick Adenhart’s death greatly saddened the baseball world, as players and fans alike try to understand such a sudden death. Just hours before his life was taken Adenhart had pitched an amazing game.

The fact that this 22 year old man’s life was taken so senselessly by a drunken driver makes this situation even sadder.

Many of us have been personally touched by friends and family that have been affected by drunken driving. Mothers lose sons, husbands lose wives and friends lose friends everyday in the blink of an eye.

His agent, Scott Boras, tearfully recounted the night. “After the game,” Boras said, “he was so elated. It was tremendous fun. A great moment for all of us, seeing a young man takes a huge step.”

Adenhart was driving when his car was struck by 22-year-old Thomas Gallo. Gallo was driving with a suspended license after a previous drunk driving conviction.

2007 produced 12,998 alcohol-related fatalities on the nation’s highways, which are down from 21,000 in 1982, but even one death caused by drunk driving is too much.

Alcohol blurs decision making processes, which sometimes leads to getting behind the wheel after having too many drinks; however the consequences to this action can be sobering clear after an accident like this. Hangovers can be slept off, but the pain inflicted will never subside.

This accident helps remind us that it is never ok to get behind the wheel of a vehicle after having too much to drink and it is our responsibility to stop others from doing the same.

A single person’s actions can save a life just as easy as they can take one away.

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